Unique Places GIS & Design (UPGIS) provides UAS (drone) services throughout New Mexico and portions of Arizona, Colorado and Texas. UPGIS has an FAA Certified Remote Pilot on staff and captures high resolution videos and photos using the latest UAS technology. We understand every project is different and are committed to working with each client to provide high quality and customized UAS solutions.


UPGIS can use UAS to produce marketing materials for any property. 

  Create seamless fly-arounds of home exteriors.

Capture high quality video of expansive farm and ranch lands.

Highlight commercial property proximity to major roads and nearby amenities.


UPGIS can deploy UAS to monitor ecological and conservation efforts.

  View areas where ground based monitoring is difficult or damaging to sensitive habitats.

Track change over time of restoration efforts.

Monitor conservation easements.


UPGIS can increase the efficiency traditional site inspection and monitoring using UAS technology.

Assess storm damage to buildings or cropland.

Perform site planning.

Monitor the progress of construction, renovation, or demolition.