Unique Places GIS & Design (UPGIS) has been providing GIS consulting to municipal governments, private corporations and non-profit organizations since its founding in 2006. UPGIS specializes in using GIS data and technologies to support the natural resource and land conservation industries.  We are a small and dedicated team of experts who understand the complexities of managing and conserving land and natural resources. We use the latest technologies to make informed decisions. UPGIS also provides full-service GIS support to public, private and non-profit organizations who use GIS regularly, but do not have the capacity or time to manage or create geospatial data, conduct geospatial analyses, or develop online maps.

PrioritizatiOn Analysis

Manually identifying specific locations for natural resource management or conservation can be time consuming and imprecise.  UPGIS works with clients to define key priority variables and create customized tools to identify areas best suited for a particular type of conservation. We engage stakeholders and find the data necessary to ensure you are able to make informed decisions down to the parcel level.

ArcGIS Online Web Applications

Online maps are a must-have for municipalities and organizations. UPGIS helps clients establish and maintain online mapping applications through Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform.  We customize each client’s map content, branding and tools to ensure the online map is functional and easy to navigate.

Geospatial Data Creation

Having geospatial data is a powerful tool when working in a specific geographical area, especially in remote and rural locations.  Accurate data does not always exist in these and other areas. UPGIS uses a variety of techniques to create data to use in a GIS. We will transform your paper maps, metes and bounds surveys, lists of addresses, XY coordinates and field collected information into geospatial data that more effectively informs your work.

Story Maps Production

Story Maps are unique in their ability to tell a compelling story online by combining multiple media including interactive maps, narrative, photos and GIS data. UPGIS works with each client to customize their Story Map to successfully engage their targeted audience.

Geodatabase Services

Not every organization or municipality has the time or expertise to maintain and update their geospatial data. UPGIS will establish procedures to efficiently organize and update your geospatial data, using either ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap.  We will tailor storage and update options based on each client’s specific data needs, capacity and usage.

ArcGIS Pro Training

ArcGIS Pro will replace ArcMap in the coming years. UPGIS provides training to organizations and municipalities who are ready to make the switch.  We will help you navigate the ArcGIS Pro interface, identify common workflows and integrate online data services among many other tools and techniques.