Unique Places GIS & Design (UPGIS) has been providing highly specialized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting, map production, and data management services to private corporations, government entities and non-profit organizations since its founding in 2006. Unique Places GIS & Design has a universal goal of empowering its clients to put GIS to work through the intelligent use of geographic data and applications that improve workflows and increase the effectiveness of services.

gis analysis

Gain a thorough understanding through our GIS analytic services.  Accumulate and analyze what your geography means and how it affects you. UPGIS performs spatial analysis and modeling for both raster and vector data using ESRI ArcGIS software.  We can execute extensive spatial analyses including, but not limited to:  

  • Network Analysis
  • Terrain Analysis
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • 3D Analysis
  • Raster Algebra
  • Aerial Unit Delineation
  • Clustering Detection
  • Hydrology Modeling
  • Land Cover Assessment
  • Proximity Analysis
  • Suitability Analysis
  • Demographic Analysis


Digitize your surroundings with Spatial Data Development.  UPGIS has the capacity to create geospatial data from a wide variety of sources using basic and advanced geospatial techniques. We will work with you to understand your GIS data needs, then set out to create data that is accurate and powerful.  All of the geographic data we develop is designed to meet the metadata standards set by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC).


Keep your company running with our Staff Augmentation services. Have you ever been in a situation in which you had to meet a deadline, but just didn’t have the manpower on your side? Perhaps you’re inexperienced in the ways of GIS or map design, but have a need to perform these tasks intermittently? UPGIS is here to provide you with professional and cost-effective assistance on both GIS and map design tasks. We will augment your staff when needed so that you can boost your production, capacity or expertise in times of need. Our staff augmentation services allow you to fill in the gaps, obtain quick assistance and finish projects through simple and flexible contract services. 


Prioritize precision and accuracy through Data Integration. Geospatial data comes from a number of different sources, all of which express data in their own particular way. While it’s great to have access to so much data, tying it all together to use for a common purpose is no easy task. In fact, perhaps the most difficult aspect of working with geospatial data is ensuring that it’s accurate and set to consistent standards. By utilizing our data integration services, you will have geospatial datasets that are accurate, thorough, and uniformly scaled. Our experienced team understands how to integrate data to perfectly suit your needs.


Keep your GIS data thriving with our Geospatial Database Design services.  GIS data is only as good as it is accurate. In order for GIS data to remain accurate, it must be kept current. In a world where our surroundings are constantly changing, this isn’t always the simplest of tasks. With Geospatial Database Design services from UPGIS, your data will be readily available, accurate and secure.  UPGIS designs, develops, and maintains geospatial databases and has years of experience working with them.  This experience allows us to know exactly what type of database you need to suit your specific purpose. We also perform regular maintenance of existing databases to ensure relevance and accuracy.


Drive your message home with a custom map from UPGIS.  “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is a popular phrase for a's true! At UPGIS we believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a map is a novel. We create professional and aesthetically-pleasing custom maps for all purposes. By using sophisticated design software, we can turn your map into a work of art; something to be appreciated. Need a series of maps to help illustrate your geographical analysis? Maybe you just want an attractive base map around for regular reference? In either case, we can accommodate you. Please view our DESIGN section to learn more.