UPGIS has been working for over three years as a contractor for the Trust for Public Land, one of the largest conservation organizations in the country. UPGIS assists the Trust for Public Land with their GreenPrinting, ParkServe, ParkScore and Climate Smart Cities Programs. We provide highly technical GIS work including development of models for municipal and regional GIS analyses, parcel tagging, and priority analyses.  We also assist with other items including data creation, cartography and data research.   


Unique Places GIS & Design worked with The Trust for Public Land and other partners to create the Healthy Parks Plan for Travis, Bastrop and Caldwell Counties in Texas.  This plan, funded by St. David’s Foundation, sought to improve mental and physical health within communities by expanding access to parks, especially within the communities of greatest need.  

For the Healthy Parks Plan, UPGIS provided GIS support in the form of data collection and data analysis.  Our staff analyzed over 40 spatial data variables including those related to park access, socioeconomic vulnerability, community health, flooding & water quality, and heat & poor air quality.  These variables were prioritized using input from stakeholder committees and community members to create a final priority layer showing areas of opportunity throughout the study area.

More information about the Health Parks Plan, including details about the full community engagement process, as well as access to the final mapping products, can be found on The Trust for Public Land’s website at .