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UPGIS has been providing GIS consulting to municipal governments, private corporations and non-profit organizations since its founding in 2006. UPGIS specializes in using GIS data and technologies to support the natural resource and land conservation industries.  We are a small and dedicated team of experts who understand the complexities of managing and conserving land and natural resources.

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UPGIS believes in designing the whole before the part.  Design once, devise, design again and repeat as necessary.  We know that good design is a result of tension between information and the designer.  We use fictions, impressions and illusions to create the best designs possible.  Please contact us to learn how we can transform your message into a visual story.

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UPGIS’ roots began with our love for cartography. We strive to tell story after story through thoughtful design and use of accurate spatial information. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a map is a novel! Our maps are built from the ground up and customized to our client’s needs as well as the intended audience.

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UPGIS provides UAS (drone) services throughout New Mexico and portions of Arizona, Colorado and Texas. UPGIS has an FAA Certified Remote Pilot on staff and captures high resolution videos and photos using the latest UAS technology. We understand every project is different and are committed to working with each client to provide high quality and customized UAS solutions.

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UPGIS creates affordable and attractive websites that effectively convey information to customers, clients, funders or supporters. UPGIS exclusively utilizes the Squarespace platform to design all of its websites. By doing this, we cut out the need for building websites from scratch, which typically triples or quadruples the cost of websites.